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Mobile billboard trucks in New York City

Running a successful business, a social or political organization is possible only when you stay in front of people. One of the best ways to do it is to keep mobile marketing vehicles at work 365 days a year. With an immersive experience and product/service education, New York mobile billboard trucks can genuinely change how people perceive you.

If you also want to transform the presence and reach of your business or organization, ShoutCast Digital Mobile can do that by captivating public attention through its advertising truck.

What Makes ShoutCast Digital Mobile Special? 

ShoutCast is a unique, professional agency for outdoor advertisement as it allows you to reach your customers innovatively. Our New York mobile billboard trucks have full-color LED technology with three screens that give an immersive experience to the onlookers.

Till now, ShoutCast has:

  • Been at more than 250 screen places
  • Reached more than 70 thousand people 

Reaches Your Audience Perfectly 

ShoutCast New York mobile billboard trucks will reach your audience unlike any other advertisement. Such advertisements can’t be thrown away like a newspaper or magazine or skipped like a social media ad.

An Affordable Outreach 

We provide you with an effective alternative to a traditional advertisement in the form of digital billboard vehicles. You can have a New York mobile billboard truck for an entire month for the price you pay for a newspaper ad for a day.

No Multiple Ad Spending 

A conventional digital board is cumbersome as you cannot change it daily, but you can control what goes on our New York mobile billboard trucks.


We help you decide the best way you can advertise your company. We listen to you, understand your perspective, and tell you what you need to reach your audiences perfectly. 


With a professional approach, we ensure that all your questions are answered promptly and efficiently.


With years of experience in digital advertising using Mobile LED Billboard Trucks NYC, we ensure that your campaign is stellar and captures the audience perfectly. 

Let’s now discuss all the services offered by ShoutCast in detail. 

Our Services 

Grand Opening 

If you have a grand opening of any event or a branch of your company, we will ensure people know about it using our Mobile billboard trucks in New York City.

Social Events 

We also have immense experience in handling advertisements for social events of all sorts. 

Political Campaigns 

Political campaigns are about maximum outreach and grabbing people’s attention, which we can do ideally using New York mobile billboard trucks.

Real Estate Open Hours 

If you want to tell people about the open hours of your real estate business, we’re always at your service. 

Community Events 

We are also well aware of the importance of community events and advertise them to perfection. 

Corporate Events 

Corporate event digital advertising needs special attention as businesses spend a limited amount, so we ensure it’s worth it. 

Church Events 

We are also experienced in a digital advertisement for church events and help churches stand out with them. 

Convention/Trade Show 

For a successful trade show, you need to reach as many people as possible, and ShoutCast ensures that.

Ready to Transform Your Presence? 

Whether you are a business, a political party, or a social organization, ShoutCast Digital Mobile is always ready to serve you with its immense experience & dedication. So, contact us today and take full advantage of Mobile LED billboard marketing in NYC.